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If you have a projector and love watching movies inside or out, you know the thrill that a projector screen would provide. They provide you a nice surface to use the projector on and makes the whole viewing experience worthwhile. If you are looking for a better projector idea, then you have to look for a quality brand that can give you a good product based on the budget you have. This article will introduce a projector screen of high-quality that will get the best out of your projector. Find out everything you need to know about the projector before you make the purchase. 

Touyinger 16:9 High Brightness Reflective Projector Screen

The beauty of watching a movie or a presentation on a big projector screen gives a great experience to the viewers. However, this experience can be ruined if there is too much strain on your neck and eyes. This high brightness reflective projector screen gives you the best viewing experience with appropriate image clarity and brightness. Also, in order to fully enjoy, you can follow the best viewing angle between 0 to 20 degrees. 

This projector screen is very light weight which adds to the versatility and makes it easier to be folded for ease in transferring from one room to another. The material is a high-quality PVC that ensures the screen is foldable without causing wrinkles. Also, the folded screen can be restored by ironing from the backside of the cloth. At the same time, because of the material, you don’t have to worry about yellow staining that can occur sometimes in the screen.

It can be used for home theater movies, conferences, education, presentation, and public display purposes. So, bring the theater experience at home with this sharp projector screen that saves space and hassle of a wide-screen TV.

Buy your Touyinger 16:9 High Brightness Reflective Projector Screen today.


  • Portable Yes
  • Screen Type Front Projection Screen
  • Format 1:1
  • Model Number Reflective Fabric Projector Screen
  • Material PVC


  • The projector screen adopts high density fiber material with no smell and harm to the human body and health
  • The metal layer and bead particles in the screen increases the brightness for better viewing
  • Maintenance is low as the fabric is easy to clean
  • It is portable and so, can be transferred from room to room
  • It is easy to install and lightweight
  • When not in use, the projector screen can be folded and kept aside
  • The folded screen can be restored by ironing
  • Use it at home for entertainment in living rooms, bedrooms or for professional use in classrooms, and business
A close up of a bag


  • It is slightly on the expensive side


This projector screen is the ultimate entertainment accessory that uniformly diffuses light and makes every television show, movie, or presentations look crisp. So, sit back and relax with this convenient, space-saving solution for any media needs.

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