The Best French Animated Films Of All Time

best french animated films

We will provide you with some tips on how to recognize the best of these movies. First, you should remember that these are animated films and as such, they are animated by means of computer-generated pictures and computer-generated imagery. This form of picture manipulation is used not only to enhance the quality of the movie, but also to ensure that the entire movie flows as you expect it to. In this way, the viewer will have an easy time following the plot and the storyline.

The best French animated films can be found online if you take the time to look for them. You should not limit your search to the internet, however. The best place to find animated films is at any local video store or even at the movie theater. We recommend going to a video store as you can actually sit and view the cartoon film in its proper context as opposed to viewing it from a computer screen.

A Number Of Artistic Techniques

There is no single definition for what constitutes a great animated film. As such, there are not any definitive criteria for classifying animated films. The best thing you can do, however, is watch as many of the best movies as possible in order to become more familiar with the various techniques that are being used. As mentioned, this is a form of multimedia and thus it incorporates a number of artistic techniques that have been developed over the years. French animation includes things such as:

Point of view. Point of view animation is among the best forms of animation work. It is a type of drawing on the surface of the film, where the character (usually the most important character) is at the center of the action. Usually, you will find this in animated films aimed at a younger audience. This style is very easy to follow and is quite popular among kids.

Character Beats

A dog wearing a pink sweater teeth

Character beats. Animation takes place mostly in cartoon-style worlds where the characters are the heroes and the story takes place mainly within the character’s headspace. In most cases, character beats are what make the film memorable. One example of this style can be seen in the Shrek movie where the donkey drives the evil fairy away.

Character development. The best French animated films often focus on the development of the characters of the film. Usually, the lead character will go through an arc in which his emotions change and new conflicts and motivations arise. For example, in one of the best animated films, Dora the Explorer, both Dora the ant are trying to overcome their past misgivings and fear of falling leaves by taking on a new hobby: Fly fishing. We can also see this when the main character is captured by the enemy.


It is undeniable that the best French animated film is Dora the Explorer because of its touching moments and powerful emotions. Although there are other animated films that had great success (like Wreck-It Ralph), nothing compares with Dora the Explorer because it deals with so many emotions in only a few minutes.

For that reason, it became one of the best animated films of all time and became the best selling film of all time in France and even in the United States of America.

Final Words

Conclusion French animation is not just about cartoons anymore. It is much more than that. There are so many other amazing animated films from France that you should definitely see. You could never get enough of them and they will never let you down.

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