The Best Selling Comic Book Movies of All Time

top grossing comic book movies

Top Movies is a rather large sub-category of Tops. The site’s purpose is basically to bring you the newest news on the top comic books and biggest selling comic books (maybe not always the same thing!). There is no way to exactly define what constitutes a comic book movie, but we can make some broad guesses. Let’s start with the old standbys. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Matrix, Twilight and any other movie franchise will almost certainly qualify. But what about the more experimental franchises, such as Batman 3, Kill Bill and Watchmen?

The answer to that is both “yes” and “no”. Batman is an iconic character and thus it would be impossible to separate him from the rest of the superheroes. Therefore, no one can rightfully claim to have created or even pioneered the new spider-man franchise.

Is Ben Affleck The New Spider-man?

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However, we can make a much more concise point: Is Ben Affleck the new spider-man? That depends on whether or not you believe he is allowed to have creative control over his own franchise. By my reading of comics, it seems that he is, so let’s move on. But, having said that, there is no doubt that Affleck owns the rights to the new spider-man franchise after his trilogy of Batman films. So, if he wants to create a new superhero, which I think is smart for him and his longtime partner/writer Amy Adams, who have worked with him on all of their previous comic creations, then I guess they have the freedom to do so.

Now, I have no problem with a director wanting to create his own version of a Spider-Man movie, where he gets to write and direct the film, as long as he has creative control. But, if he isn’t doing that, then I have a problem. It seems that every time a Spider-Man film is made, the studio re-writes the script so that it fits his personality better. And, as I’ve always thought, that is kind of pointless, because in order to make a good Spider-Man movie, you must follow the character’s personality to some degree, otherwise you’re just spinning your wheels. So, although Ben Affleck does have creative control over his version of the Spider-Man franchise, he has been given too much creative freedom.

Comic Books Adapted Into Blockbuster Movies And Tv Shows

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On another hand, let’s look at certain comic books that have been adapted into blockbuster movies and TV shows. Look at how successful Iron Man has been, or how successful The Dark Knight has been. These are two examples of how comic books, when adapted properly, can become major motion pictures. Not only that, but there are many other examples of how comic books have been used to great effect, in television shows such as Lost, Glee, Smallville, and many others.

Final Words

One of the most talked about movies on the Internet right now is Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. This is sure to be one of the top grossing TV shows of all time, especially after it becomes available on DVD this summer. While it may not have the popularity of other animated comic book movies like Watchmen, it will no doubt still live up to the standards of its predecessors. Who knows, it could easily top the all-time list of best Transformers movie and take over the sales records of the series for good. Which makes it the perfect time to get started collecting some of the finest Transformers collectibles out there!

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