The Most Outstanding Animated Short Film Of All Time

award winning animated short films

You can present an Animation Award to a movie that just broke the box office record, you may have won an Animation Award at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival but it will still be a hit if you present it at a big event like a trade show or expo. The best part about presenting an Animation Award at an event is that you are sure to get people talking about your movie. Let’s take a look at some of the movie that was recently honored with an Animation Award.

Disney’s “Wreck-It Ralph”

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Disney’s “Wreck-It Ralph” is one of the more hilarious movies of the summer. It’s an amazing comedy that just about everyone should see. A plumber who hates his job tries to resolve a dispute with his boss over a water leak. Along the way he meets new friends, loyal to the cause and even a cute robot named Cogburn. Everything seems perfect until a villain named Dr. Finkelstein infects Ralph with a flesh-eating virus and flees the scene. Luckily enough, a brave new employee named Joe Cabot (Darth Vader) steps in and manages to save the day.

This movie had the second most successful opening weekend of all time behind Harry Potter and is on every major international list. It is a computer animated motion picture and the reason why it is a big hit is because it’s so well done. Award-winning visual effects and originality have won this movie four Academy Awards including Best Picture. This award shows the power of animation and how important original and independent films are. The real talent with this movie comes from the director, Johnnie Depp and the writers of the film.

This Movie Was Made In Less Than A Week

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This movie was made in less than a week and had the second most popular opening weekend of all time behind Harry Potter. What makes it a big hit is that the short films don’t have major Hollywood actors in them like the Harry Potter films do. Instead it stars one of the best actors in the movies, who happens to be one of the best leading actors in movies today.

Bathroom Drama

One of the more controversial animated short films ever made bathroom drama. This movie was created by Charlie Converse, the famous basketball star. He did the voice of Shrek, the most famous character from the Aladdin film series. This film was an immediate hit and went on to win four Academy Awards and several Golden Globe Awards for Best Motion Picture – Animation. People seemed to be surprised at the fact that an animated short film could win an Oscar.

Last Words

These are only a few of the more winning films of all-time. They are, however, some of the best films that were ever made and definitely deserving of being on a list of the most winning animated short films of all time. It would certainly make any list of the greatest movies ever and I hope it does. The Oscar is meant to honor the greatest films of all time and this is one of them.

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