Three Of The Top 10 Comic Book Movies That Will Make You Crazy

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Superhero stories have been a part of the favoured culture for over 75 years, but it’s not exactly on the printed page that they are being told. There are many kinds of reworking that have been told around various media, but the big screen is arguably the most famous destination barring the comic books themselves. The last four decagons or so have seen the continued extension of full-length superhero features and even if it’s classic narratives or takes that interpret the material, they’re generally great tales to watch. With so many entries, both animated and live-action there’s more than adequate to regulate which are the extreme of the bunch. We’ll introduce you to three of the top 10 comic book movies 


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In our top 10 comic book movies, the first one is Batman. The superhero category was stuck in a rut in 1989. Warner Bros. crushed its Superman ballot into the ground with the quest for peace: superman 4 and audiences needed no part of duds like Howard the duck and supergirl. Luckily, with the gothic Batman, Tim Burton proved that a director can put his or her signature on a classic comic-book character, and revive the hero for a new breed. Michael Keaton cleaned the memory of Adam West from our aggregate personalities, and Jack Nicholson thought outside the box on playing The Joker… in any event until Heath Record broke his form many years after the fact. Ruler’s music was good to beat all cake.

X Men Days Of Future Past 

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In our top 10 comic book movies, the second one is x men days of future past. Bryan Singer’s take on the iconic days of future past enactment provides us with a typical example of how to alter an iconic storyline while making sensible changes to the narrative. Admitting X-Men days of the future differs considerably from its root element, it arguably developed upon it by consolidating treasured elements from the live-action X-Men world. Notwithstanding its great rods and fairly high thought sci-fi basis, Days of future serve so well because it shows an impassioned story attached to the thought of family and delivering the latest libation for those we admire and care about most.

Iron Man 

In our top 10 comic book movies, the second one is x men days of future past. Robert Downey Jr. to play Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man transformed the comic novel movie scene. Jon Favreau’s intelligently charming 2008 blockbuster is truly fired by the unstoppable charisma of its star, and it’s what launched Iron Man to magnanimity. Loaded with a great part arc and a classic rebirth story, the actor made the corporeality sing and got the astonishing buzz for a film concentrated on a lesser-known comic book feature. 

Wrapping Up 

We hope you liked our collection of top 10 comic book movies collection. You can watch these comic-based movies on various OTT platforms. There are so many superheroes and we call them. Everyone has their powers and specialities. Thanks to all the directors for making such movies. 

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