Top 5 Reasons To The Rise Of Comic Book Movies That Has Compelled The Entertainment Industry

rise of comic book movies

The globe of books on the screen reflects the rise of comic book movies. The mind of kids is extremely imaginative and adaptable than the adults. They love to read comic books because they love to fascinate the fictional world. In addition, animations are attractive and pleasant to watch, and having fun is not limited to any age. Thus, watching animated comic movies is not a kiddish thing to do. This prevails a majority reason for the rise in comic book movies in the entertainment realm.

However, watching our favorite comic book character live on the screen gives another level of joy to its admirers. Comic book characters like superheroes, Batman, Spiderman, and princesses for girls make them wonder in the fictional world of characters.

Top Reasons Prevailing Rise Of Comic Book Movies 

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Fan Loyalty 

Superhero and jungle book comics have been a prominent part of our childhood. They were the source of entertainment when there was relatively less development in the entertainment industry then-recent time. Hence, adults love to watch their favorite fictional characters on big screens to get a lively experience.


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The art of escapism is another leading reason for rising admiration for comic book movies. It is fundamental human nature to be inclined towards a better imagination than the real world.


Watching colorful animated movies with joyful characters gives a sense of comfort. Therefore, be it kids, adults, or our grandparents, well-articulated animation has become a sensational obsession.


The narration or the dubbing or voiceover of the fictional character is often given by celebrities or personnel. It works like the cherry on a cake to raise the fondness for movies and characters.


The popularity of jungle book characters or superheroes leads to rising audiences for comic book movies. Besides, people are more curious to know how their fictional character looks on a bigger screen and the climax of the story.

Some Famous And Loved Comic Book Characters That Are Filmed In Comic Book Movies 

  • Captain America
  • Ironman
  • The Joker 
  • Deadpool
  • Batman
  • Spiderman
  • Thanos
  • Mowgli 
  • Wonder Women 
  • The Avenger and many more.


Though reading a book gives unique pleasure and satisfaction to the readers, it is not a bad idea to experiment with fun and entertainment concepts. You can spend quality family time with your kids, watching their favorite animated comic book movie. Moreover, comic book characters can never get old with time, and that is the best part about it. Love for them remains intact throughout, and this could be the motivational factor for the filmmakers to make more of them. After all, you are never too aged to cherish your childhood memories. This can be marked as the eternal reason for the rise of comic book movies.

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