Top Films To Watch While High

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Considering the Covid-19 situation across most countries, stay-at-home has been the order of the day, and so there is no other great time to pick your favorite spot, sit back and relax in front of an exclusive films and forget the universe for a while. 

However, there are lots of movies in collections of movies which feature iconic stoners and weed characters, like Grass Is Greener, other videos to view. In contrast, high might not necessarily feature weed and pot at all but presents a visual story which is great to watch on a distinct level. 

Top Films To Watch While High
Top Films To Watch While High

To know more about great movies to watch while high or slightly movies that feature weed and pot, Weedmaps spoke done by Steve Bloom who is also the editor and writer of pot culture aficionado is the best platform to get high movies. Additionally, Bloom has many credits, apart from Weedmaps he is also a co-author of many books in the category of pot culture like Reefer Movie Madness. More so, he is the publisher and founder of CelebStoner.

Stoner Films Through The Ages

“When it comes to stoner movies, first and foremost there must be presences of pot or weed. The more pot, the better. Gags, jokes, bongs, lots of smoke and joints,” said Bloom. A stoner movie, according to Bloom, is a comedy speaking film which revolves around whichever character. Usually, it has the presence of a couple of teens and their use of marijuana. 

According to Chong, Bloom and Cheech, the definition of comedic stoner is well laid by the up in smoke film produced in 1978, which was then followed by Still Smoking, Nice Dreams and Roasted. Concerning stoner movies, the movies as mentioned above not only talk of the pot. They also lay groundworks for actors like Seth. The credits of the latter are not the only best acting but also dominated by stoner movies. 

Top Films To Watch While High
Top Films To Watch While High

Bloom’s Film Picks And Recommendations

You can view all Bloom’s exclusive picks on the website CelebStoner, but here are some of his top pick:

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968): Films

This is a particular example of a movie featuring stoners but no drugs. Nonetheless, this movie, according to producers and actors, is considered the best film of all times. Moreso, stoners are concerned with the visuals.  

Dazed And Confused (1993)

This is an excellent example of a film which features great actors like Parker Posey, Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey and Joey Lauren. A matter of fact, this movie is in the top 10list of stoner movies in the market.  

Barbarella (1968): Films

From the realm side, this movie falls under the category of science fiction films. Additionally, Bloom featured this film in the science fiction category. From the beginning, Nubile Jane Fonda featured characters as a space adventure. In this mission, Jane is assigned by the president from earth to retrieve Dr Durand, who is stuck in Tau Ceti galaxy. 

According to Bloom, considering the visual used in the movie, this is a move to watch when high since most of its visuals are sophisticated and transparent. Barbarella is the best movie but not as visual as Star Wars. However, it is an excellent movie to watch. 

Top Films To Watch While High
Top Films To Watch While High

Pineapple Express (2008)

James Franco and Seth Rogen, in their mid-2000s classic stoner film made the stoner film a legitimate film genre. Since the production of this movie, Seth has ever since been a stoner iconic, and today, this movie is regarded as the most popular pot strain in high culture. 

Half Baked (1998)

In this movie, Dave Chapelle has to do double duties to raise money to bail out their friend. Dave Chapelle and his friends go to the extent of selling weed and pot to gather the required amount to bail out their friend. It’s a beautiful movie to watch, though. 

Jay And Silent Bob Reboot (2019)

This movie is the best stoner movie produced in 2019, and it features Kevin Smith. In this film, Jay reunites with Bob and goes to Hollywood to stop chronic and Blunt man from being reborn. 

However, if watching films featuring stoner junks isn’t your taste, then Bloom suggests looking for movies which feature captivating visuals. According to Bloom, he suggests that you cross over to film in the realm of SCI-FI (science fiction) or rather exciting animations. Bloom insisted that it is nice to watch a movie which takes you to visual places. The film can be attraction two invasions provided it tunes you to its visuals. However, Bloom suggests that however watching movies with high content is not bad; it is good to avoid videos with a high content of violence which is induced with the current universe we live. 

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