Top Five Bad Comic Book Movies

bad comic book movies

There are just too many of them, and unfortunately, they keep getting worse. However, not every bad movie is wholly doomed. Sometimes great characters and performances sneak into bad films.

Batman Vs. Robin


One classic example of this is Batman vs. Robin. This is a great movie that showcases both versions of Batman, showing how differently each of them could handle the weight of the superhero mantle. Unfortunately, not every aspect of this movie is great.

Ben Affleck as Batman is fantastic, but his portrayal of the character do draw some criticism. For instance, the way that Affleck’s character reacts to being the dark, brooding hero is supposed to be sympathetic, but in actuality, he just seems like a jerk. In some ways, he even makes Batman seem like a douchey teenager who wears a shirt with backwards buttons. That said, the late Vincent Pastor was one of the most memorable Batman villains, so it’s a shame that this movie never got made.

Inability To Evolve The Characters

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One of the biggest problems with bad comic book movies is the inability to evolve the characters. You may have your favorite X-Men character or Fantastic Four hero, but when you watch any of the X-Men films, you can’t help but wonder what happened to Cyclops, Jean Grey, or Storm. In the case of Wolverine, there’s even a small joke in X-Men Origins that makes me laugh: how did Cyclops grow horns that were so large he couldn’t use them for any other purpose other than intimidating women? It’s an element that seems like it could’ve been made fun of in the film. But it’s not, because it’s just the nature of the characters.

Another problem with bad comic book movies is the sheer lack of originality. When a superhero is based on a previous comic, there’s an obvious reason why that previous comic had the character designed like this. A bad movie star comes along and steals the spotlight, completely changing the dynamic of the comic. The Fantastic Four, especially, are a great example of this. They start out as a team consisting of Reed (SPACE STRIPS), Johnny (Reed), Ben (FANTASTIC FOUR), and Sue (eperrade) and get thrown into an endless adventure that simply doesn’t have anything to do with Reed, Johnny, or Ben.


This leads to a whole new set of issues, because now the writers need to justify why Reed, Johnny, and Ben are in the Fantastic Four, and why they’re fighting the evil villain, Doctor Doom. The bottom line is, bad comic book movies ruin the uniqueness of the superhero. A truly great superhero movie, on the other hand, showcases the uniqueness of the comic’s character, while still giving us some great action. For instance, when Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk were released, no one expected these characters to be a blockbuster, but both of those movies easily made the money they did due to their unique characters.

Fast Words

The best kind of comic book movie is one where the writer takes the character we already know and makes it even better. That’s not what happened with the Spider-Man movies. Instead, they took an idea that had been explored in depth and made a movie out of it. A great example is The Dark Knight, which feature amazing set design, advanced special effects, and emotion. The dark, brooding, protagonist of that movie stands head and shoulders above the rest thanks to some truly inventive special effects, and he gets to save the city as well.

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