Top Three Earned Films Of 2021

animated feature films

Animated feature films are produced and marketed by independent film production companies and are aimed at the international box-office. Feature films made by internationally renowned and experienced animation companies have earned a great popularity in the worldwide market. They use several innovative techniques and timely special effects to create world-class animated feature films. Such feature films are capable of bringing alive the artistic vision of theiruteurers into the virtual world.

Animation department is dedicated to producing animated feature films in the pre-production stage and planned primarily for theatrical cinema release. Many such stages of development are taken into consideration at this stage: animation testing, creative storyboards, animation design, animation proof, character study, final animation, voice acting and storyboarding.

Emergence Of Animation As A Special Branch Of Entertainment

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Animation has emerged as a special branch of entertainment that offers limitless opportunities to film directors and producers to entertain their audience in an engaging manner. It has also contributed significantly towards the overall growth and success of the media industry. Amongst the major animated films released in the past year are Sing, Roald Dahl’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Incredibles, Brave, Finding Nemo, Wreck-It Ralph and The Sponge Bob Movie. As per the latest international box office results, Sing and The Incredibles occupy top slots on the chart, followed by the Gravity Effect, The Sponge Bob Movie, Chasing Coral and The Iron Giant.

During the development process, the filmmakers are provided with animated feature films through funding or financing institutions. Several important animated motion pictures which were released successfully include Finding Nemo, The Iron Giant, Zootopia, ParaNorman and The Incredibles. Some smaller animated feature films are Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Crocodile Hunter, Charming Horses and How to Train your Chicken.

Immense Popularity Of Animation

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The animation has achieved immense popularity across the globe and is in high demand during holiday seasons. Animated film songs like “Fancy Pants”, “I Remember You”, “You Can’t Take It With You” and “When I Was A Kid” have increased the popularity and box office takings of several animated feature films this season. However, it remains to be seen if ParaNorman and The Crocodile Hunter will do well in the international box office.

Another animated feature film that flopped this year is Ralph Breaks Out. Directed by bounce house expert Toddlers, Ralph Breaks Out did not score too well with critics and audiences. Despite that, it has managed to bag itself a number of awards including the best animated feature at the Oscars. The story revolves around a 12-year-old boy named Ralph, who lives with his grandmother in their hometown.

Role Of Music In Animation

Ron Corigliano and Dario Marchetti composed and sang the theme song for The Incredibles. Apart from that, the two also composed and sang the theme song for Finding Nemo. Coming in at number four is the movie The Sponge Bob Movie. Apart from the two amazing theme tunes, the movie boasts of some innovative animation, excellent special effects, and perfectly acted and portrayed characters. A favorite amongst children and adults alike, The Sponge Bob Movie has created an impression among everyone.

Wreck-It Ralph is an animated feature film that featured an original song by Alan Menken as the main lyric. After all, nobody could resist the singing talent of Alan Menken who happens to be one of the most successful lyricists in Hollywood today. Wreck-It Ralph is based on the true story of a car accident where a boy named Ralph crashes his bicycle into a turnstile. The accident causes Ralph to become an instant star as he is catapulted to stardom by the brilliant performances of both Aaron Sims and Albert Brooks.

Final Words

This was a pretty good year for animated films, especially for those that were produced by Disney. However, the year ends with the failure of several movies that everyone had hoped would do really well at the box office. Some of this has to do with the economy, which makes it tougher for movies to break even. Many of the top animated films this year also failed to do well at the box office despite excellent reviews. Hopefully we will see better days for animated films in the future.

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