Use This Projector Without the Hassle of Cords! Enjoy Movie Theater Atmosphere at Home with Family!

Projectors are utilized to provide entertainment as well as clear presentations. With multiplayer video games on increasingly larger displays, players have changed their gaming experience. People may now own portable projectors that fit in their pockets thanks to technical improvements. With so many different methods to use projectors, the only restriction is your imagination. People may now participate in mind-blowing events from the comfort of their own homes by using projectors. When you start using projectors, you will never go back to watching television since it cannot compete with the amazing entertainment given by a projector. Also in classrooms teachers can use projectors to make bulleted PowerPoint presentations or other highly organized class notes. Students can take better notes using projectors in the classroom because they can judge what information the teacher shows is most beneficial to them. You may be wondering which projector is best for you. Read this article to learn everything there is to know about it.

Full HD Wireless LED Projector

Projectors are optical and display devices that may be used to project video, slides, and pictures onto a screen. You may also use these video projectors to reflect the display of your TV or computer, giving you two displays to work with. Alternatively, you can connect your Wi-Fi or cable box straight to your projector to convert it into a TV. To think about it, this projector may also be used for presentations and educational reasons. 

The Full HD Wireless LED Projector has excellent image quality and supports full HD resolutions up to 1920×1080. These projectors have the benefit of being able to be used on any surface. Its screen may be changed to any size you like, large or small. The advantages of these projectors in terms of eye comfort are great. Not only is this projector compact, but it is also light. When you consider the technological and practical benefits of projectors, they are quite affordable. But that is not to say that a very expensive projector can’t be found, but the cost/benefit ratio for what you get at the entry level is somewhat good.

Purchase Full HD Wireless LED Projector today.


  • Keystone Correction: Manual Correction
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Type: Digital Projector
  • Screen Scale: 4:3/16:9
  • Portable: No
  • Power: 140W
  • Zoom: Focus
  • Ansi Lumens: 600 Ansi
  • Home Theater Projector: yes
  • Projection Technology: LED
  • System: Multimedia System
  • Optical Resolution: 1920x1080dpi
  • Brightness: 6500 Lumens
  • Model Number: YG620 / YG621/ Projector 3600L
  • Projected Dimension: 50-300 inches
  • Light Source: Led Light
  • Contrast Ratio: 3000:01:00
  • Use: home
  • Projective Mode: Mirror Image
  • Weight: 2.6kg
  • Native Resolution: Native 1920 * 1080P
  • Projector 3600L Screen Size: 43 – 200 inch
  • Projection Distance: 1.5 – 5.6 Meter
  • Projector 3600L Throw Ratio: 1.56:1
  • Projector 3600L Keystone: +/-15 Degree
  • Projetor Size and Weight: 310 * 251 * 180mm and 2.61KG
  • Projector 3600L Guarantee: 1 year
  • Projector 3600L Power: AC100-240V,50/60Hz
  • LCD Screen Size: 6.3 inch TFT LCD Screen
  • Input and Output: USB/VGA/HDMI*2/AV /SD and 3.5mm Headphone, USB (5V)
  • LCD Screen: 6.3 inch , the best 1080P LCD Screen in market
Diagram, engineering drawing


  • You have greater flexibility in terms of location because you don’t need a cable to connect it to the source.
  • The images and videos can be adjusted between 60 to 180 inches.
  • It is built of powerful, heavy-duty models capable of dominating big auditoriums.
A close up of electronics


  • The bandwidth available to projectors is limited by the internet connection.
  • For security concerns, you’ll need to encrypt the transmission. As a result, the display slows down.


Over the years, projectors have progressed from being used just for slideshows in darkrooms or commercial theatres to being utilized in businesses for presentations and in homes as TV replacements. The big attraction of projectors nowadays is that they allow you to watch movies in a cinema-like setting on displays considerably larger than standard HDTVs at a relatively low price. Projectors enable us to experience entertainment in the best possible way. Without running a single wire, wireless projectors let you show data and video from your computer, tablet, or receiver. Also, projectors may be a very excellent alternative for creating a panoramic atmosphere. You should definitely get one for a better experience.

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