Watch Some Of The Best Animated DC Films

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With such an impressive product, it is no wonder that DC animated movies have immense fan following all over the world. Some of the best DC animated films include: Justice League: Tower of Eternity, Justice League: The Flash, Smallville, DC Universe: Superman and Batman, among many others.

In the world of justice, there is no escape from villains. They pose a threat in the lives of ordinary people while providing sight and sound entertainment. In the new feature-length animated film, “DC: How the Dark Knight,” based on the DC comic book series, Batman has a new foe to battle. The latest movie in the Batman franchise, “The Dark Knight,” has been receiving warm welcomes ever since its release in June of 2021. This highly anticipated movie, which is an enhanced and action packed version of the original story will be released in summer of this year.

Creating Magical Adventures And Thrillers

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DC animated movies are known for creating magical adventures and thrillers that every child is mesmerized by. There are lots of animated movies in the pipeline that we can look forward to. We can see a lot of characters like Aquaman, Robin, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman in the coming films. Let us take a look at some of the upcoming animated projects from DC.

The award-winning animated film of last year, “The Windmaker” directed by James Marsden is another great example of how animation can be done well in Hollywood. This movie has an excellent storyline that will leave you glued to the screen. The voiceover work of Kevin Spacey and Anne Hathaway do their magic on the viewers and this animated film is sure to garner a good share of audience all across the world.

Fans And Critics

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The next animated film to come out from DC is the live-action adaptation of the hit graphic novel Hellraiser. The story of this film is based on the novel. An unidentified serial killer who haunts the local bars of London is responsible for the death of more than a few young women. So far, the film has received a warm ovation from both fans and critics. It is expected that the film would receive an even greater audience after the great performance of Anne Hathaway who plays the lead role.

The next animated project from DC is the film “ropolis”, starring Anne Hathaway, as well as Gary Oldman and Jason Statham. The film is based on the book “titans” which was written by Frank Miller and is about the early days of Gotham City. 

The Dark Knight

The film will surely be receiving good response from both fans of comics and film lovers. “metropolis” is going to air sometime in 2021. Another DC film in the pipeline is “Gotham City” starring Eddie Murphy and directed by Alex Cross. The film is said to be based on the early Batman stories.

In terms of the DC animated movies set in the future of our world there is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie to look forward to. There is also a TV series based on the same characters. One of the most anticipated animated DC films is “The Dark Knight”. This film is all set to be one of the most expensive movies ever released. It will be followed by “The Dark Knight Rises” which is a sequel to “The Dark Knight”.


These are only some of the DC animated films in process right now. There are many more in the pipeline and I’m sure more will be announced too. Are you a comic book fan? Then the animated DC films are a great way to experience the comic book world without having to go to the theater.

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